Cancellation and refund policies
In the event of a late cancellation or no-show on a night that has been confirmed, no refund will be granted. I reserve the right to cancel a tour when the group size total for that night is fewer than four people.

 Individual and corporate  Bookings:

If a cancellation happens due to bad weather a new date will be provided, or a talk and powerpoint session will be given.Weather Challenges:
Astronomy Adventures may still be possible even when there are questionable weather conditions. Don’t worry about daytime clouds or forecasts days out from our scheduled Astronomy Adventure. I monitor dynamic imagery from visible, infrared and water vapour satellites. Static icons on weather websites and apps can be misleading.

If necessary, I make a call 90 minutes before the scheduled start time to cancel or reschedule. If you do not hear from me, please expect the Astronomy Adventure to be β€˜ON’ as planned.

If you decide at the last minute not to attend there is no refund!

If a tour is not possible due to inclement weather – rain or completly overcast, We will attempt to reschedule the tour for the next possible date. I make the ‘official’ cancellation call.  If a tour is not possible because of weather – your payment is held till the next possible date.

**Please note: when I offer a rescheduled date and you accept the arrangement, all policies regarding weather challenges, late cancellation and no-show still apply**Bright time:
During days leading up to full moon and just after, the background sky is lit up by moon glow. This extra brightness can hinder our view of celestial objects. Please check with me for these dates.